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The Night King Agrees With You


The Head Hunter? A medieval warrior's gruesome collection of severed heads is missing only one - the monster that killed his daughter years ago.  It's a movie, and this is why you should see it...

Hey, we also riff on the end of some show called Game of Thrones.  Ever hear of that one?

Who has a Heart Condition?

Binge Now: Legend

Binge Later: The Head Hunter

Binge Never: In The Name Of The King

The Binge Watchers go into survival mode.

All this and more, tune in!!!

Binge with us!!!

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It’s Hellraiser. In a high school.

The only way to deal with bullies is to summon demons.  And Pinhead is your principal. 

“It’s like Hellraiser but mixed with Rock and Roll High School…But with Cheerleader Cenobites.”

From the imaginary studio that brought you, A Very Expendable Christmas.